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Garage Door Repairs & Service Work

Garage Door Repairs & Service Work

At the Overhead Door Company of Rapid City we offer the region’s best sales, installation, service and repair for all types of residential and commercial doors and related products. If you are having problems with your garage door, our full-time service department has the experience and capability to handle your needs. We can fix broken, stuck, damaged or dented garage doors. Emergency service available.

Tips & Tricks

If your garage door will not close all the way

  • Hold the button on your wall mounted opener (button) until your door fully closes
  • If the door closes – the issue is most likely with your Photo Eyes or Sensors

Check your Photo Eyes

  • One should be solid green & one should be a solid yellow/red
  • If flashing – they are either not aligned, need to be cleaned or the wires are loose

If your garage door will not open

  • First check to see if the spring is broken – If so, do not run your operator!
  • If your spring(s) appear to be in tact – Check to see if one or both of your cables are off
  • If your cables are properly connected & aligned – Pull the release cord from your operator rail & you should be able to manually open/close your door until service can be provided


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